Friday, March 25, 2011

Things are looking up!

Birdfeeder 11jpg

Dad was moved to Rhode Island Hospital, which is right where he needs to be.

He is under the care of a wonderful cardiac specialist.

No blockages were found, it seems to be strictly a problem with the electrical system in his heart.

Right now, he’s having lots more tests and they are treating him with medication.

We know he is in the best of hands and feel optimistic that they will find out what’s happening with Dad’s ticker and fix him right up.

He’s in a private room in the new wing of the hospital which has a big flat screen TV. He is in great spirits and very happy about the TV. Just like a man huh?

A million thanks you’s for your thoughts, emails, messages, prayers and kind words. They have helped so very much.

I’ll keep you all posted.


Alicia Gregoire said...

So glad to hear things are on the up!

Amy said...


Kim said...

Keep us posted when you have time. Know that you are in the prayers of many and the hands of the Almighty!

Kim said...

Wonderful news! Oh Lisa, I am so sorry to say I didn't realize what was happening with your dad. But I'm so glad to wake up to this and find that he's in a good place- physically and well, physically! What a blessing to have him okay. We need our dads! We need them to be around forever!!! It sounds like your dad was just stubborn enough and tough enough to make that happen for you. LOVE, love, and more love to your family.