Monday, November 14, 2011

How to roast garlic. Simple and easy.

Garlic 1

I grow my own garlic every year.

After is harvested in the fall, it hangs from one of the rafters in the garage.

I love that I can grab a pair of scissors and just snip away at whatever I need.

We are a garlic lovin' family. Some people might think I love it a little too much. I can go overboard with it at times.

I remember saying to John one day that I was so happy that he loved it to cause I honestly don't think I could have married anyone who didn't like it. I would have to compromise my cooking too much. I really can't live without it. No joke.

So we have a lot of garlic, and we use it all the time.

One of my favorite ways is to roast it. Roasting garlic makes it so creamy and nutty that you will be tempted to hold a whole head over your mouth and just squeeze out every clove directly into your pie hole (or garlic hole in this case). Wait, maybe that's just me?

Anyway roasting garlic is super easy and so delicious. If you've never done it....YOU NEED TO!

Here's how I do it.

Get one or two heads of garlic. Try and pick heads that are on the larger size. I always roast at least two at a time.

Pull away the outer papery layers. Don't peel them completely. You want the cloves inside to say together. Then chop off a quarter of a section with a sharp knife. You want to cut off just the tips of the cloves.

Garlic 2

Then get a double layer of foil and place the garlic in the middle. You want enough foil to wrap it up tightly. Now drizzle each clove with olive oil.

Garlic 3

Wrap the heads up and seal the foil tightly.

Garlic 4

I use my toaster oven to roast my garlic. You certainly can use your oven. Heat to 400 and roast for 35 - 45 minutes. Times vary depending on how big your garlic is. Mine are very large.

Open the foil up carefully in case there is some steam trapped inside. Now poke it with a knife to see if the cloves are all mushy and creamy. If they just successfully roasted garlic, if they aren't stick them back in for a few more minutes.

Garlic 5

Once you can handle the garlic, just squeeze out the cloves. You just spread it on bread, you can add it to soups, heck there really are endless uses for it.

One of our favorite ways to eat it is as a dipping sauce. We heat up some good olive oil on low in a sauce pan loaded with cloves. As soon as the oil is warm, we pour it into dipping bowls. Grab a hunk of bread and start dipping.

It's one of my favorite ways to eat it.

Now go make some roasted garlic!


Amy said...

One of my dearest friends (who is Italian, btw) is allergic to garlic. ALLERGIC TO GARLIC. And he's Italian. (Yes, I know I just said that.) But can you imagine?!

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

I did this once and we LOVED it! We smeared it on bread.

And, I used a little leftover - can you believe we had leftover?? - I tossed it in some soup. Wow.

After Thanksgiving I'll be buying a bunch to roast. Thanks for the reminder!

Unknown said...

i have never grown garlic but i think i'm going to have to try it! i LOVE garlic too and i put it in everything! when i roast it we spread it on bread with goat cheese and roasted red peppers it's wonderful! hope all is well! susan

LunaCafe said...

Thanks for the great post! Love love love roasted garlic. I'm going to work it into the Thanksgiving Potato Mash tomorrow. ...Susan

Jenny said...

Just what I was looking for. Lots of garlic left from the garden. Thanks.

Sohroosh said...

I'm a big fan of roasted garlic. I always wrap the cloves in aluminum foil and put them on the grill. Chopping off the top of the head is a great idea. I never do that, and always get garlic all over my hands trying to open the cloves (which isn't a bad thing, necessarily).

Have Myelin? said...

How clever!

There's a garlic farm (yes... a FARM!) that growns a wide selection of garlic about an hour from me. This summer I want to go out there and check out their selections...they have a wide assortment! Who knew?

You make garlic sound yummy even for those who don't like garlic. I love it - but I've never tried this.