Monday, April 2, 2012

Deviled Egg Spread

I'm re-visiting an old post today. One I posted way back in 2009. Since there will be an abundance of hard boiled eggs happening this week, I thought I'd dust off this recipe for Deviled Egg Spread.

Deviled Egg Spread plate

We just can’t have a party here without deviled eggs. It’s something my husband started when he moved here to RI from the Southwest. I can’t even begin to tell you how many deviled eggs I’ve made over the years. Lets just say – a whole freakin’ lot. I have my deviled egg recipe memorized, that’s how many times I’ve made them.

There was one instance where I threw caution to the wind and decided I wasn’t putting deviled eggs on my party menu. I believe it was Evans’ birthday in 2007. I even announced it proudly to the family weeks before “I’m not making deviled eggs” I yelled loudly from the kitchen. Like it was a proclamation. “I shall not be preparing the eggs of the devil for the celebration that will take place in a fortnight”. There were a few “awwww’s”, but really no major protesting. Evan doesn’t even like deviled eggs, so he could care less. Well, well I thought. Maybe no one will even care if I don’t make them.

Fast forward to the party. A glorious array of food covered the counters and tables. A virtual feast lay out before the party guests. Surely no one had even noticed that the deviled eggs aren’t on the menu. Huh, I pulled this off. Maybe I won’t be stuck making deviled eggs 15 times a year after all.

And then it started. My sister-in-law was the first to notice “Lee, where’s the deviled eggs?” (She is a deviled egg fiend). “Oh I didn’t make deviled eggs.” I said. “What??” “No eggs??” She looked like the Aunt in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. “Whatchu mean you didn’t make deviled eggs? You always make deviled eggs!” And so it began, person and after person looking for the deviled eggs. I heard it the whole night. Alright, alright already. I learned my lesson. I’m sorry. I shall repent. I will never again host a party without the deviled eggs!! Well almost….. read along my friends.

Deviled Egg Spread.1jpg

I found this recipe in Food & Wine magazine. It’s a recipe from Katie Lee (Billy Joel’s ex-wife). I guess she’s quite the little Southern cook. The preface to this recipe was “I can’t have a party without deviled eggs”. Hmm sounded vaguely familiar. So on I read, and by the time I got to the end of this recipe, I was once again proclaiming in the kitchen. This time I was shouting “ I will be making deviled egg spread for the labor day party, not deviled eggs, but a tasty spread that tastes just like deviled eggs, served on crackers!” The kingdom roared! “Yes, yes, please make the deviled egg spread” they begged. And so I obliged. Happily boiling, peeling, chopping and mixing. The deviled egg spread was served and the kingdom rejoiced!

So if you are a slave to the deviled eggs like I was, liberate your self from the plain ole stuffed eggs and make a deviled egg spread instead. Your kingdom will roar too.

Deviled Egg Spread coll

Deviled Egg Spread
Recipe from Katie Lee
Food & Wine – Sept 2009
1 dozen large eggs, hard boiled
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
Salt & pepper
Paprika for dusting

Shell the eggs and halve them lengthwise. Coarsely chop half the egg whites and transfer them to a large bowl. Add the remaining white and all of the yolks to a food processor along with the mayo, mustard and vinegar.. Process until smooth. Scrape the mixture into a bowl and blend with the chopped egg whites. Season with salt and pepper. Can be made ahead and refrigerated overnight.


Creating Through LIFE said...

I can definitely relate to having Deviled Eggs for EVERY occasion, I love them. Although it's been quite depressing to have moved away from the beloved South and lived in the West and now the Midwest. People don't seem to share the same love around here. I hardly ever see them. I'm always amazed to show up to a party and see no deviled eggs :( This spread looks yummy, I would have a hard time not eating it all by myself.

Jackie said...

I Love deviled eggs never thought to make it for a "dip". I love this Idea. I do love my D. eggs a little sweet so I usually add a sprinkle of sugar to the mix. I think I'll do this for Easter with the crackers, I"m sure it'll be a hit!

StephenC said...

I might add a bit of tiny chopped dill pickles just for fun.

Lynda said...

What a great idea! And it sure would be easier than stuffing all those eggs. Thanks!

Blessed Beyond a Doubt... said...

What a fabulous idea! I hope you don't mind, I shared this recipe on my blog and linked back to your beautiful blog!

Thanks for finding this gem!

Also, your photos are beautiful!

Blessed Beyond a Doubt... said...

oops, just read your copyright. The pic I actually used was the pinterest one linking back to you. So, I will hold off on posting the post until I get the ok!

Thanks! Sorry!

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

No problem posting!

Melissa said...

I remember this and I thought I never had an occasion for it. Silly me. I'm serving this at my birthday this year (next month). Thanks for the reminder, Lisa!

Mary Bergfeld said...

I really like this idea. It is not terribly difficult to do and it sounds delicious. I suspect this recipe will be moving from your kitchen to mine in short order. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...MAry

Dana @ Cooking At Cafe D said...

While reading you post I had both the quote from MBFGW,"It's okay, I make lamb" and Billy Cosby in the Chocolate Cake story going through my head. lol

The spread sounds fabulous.
~ Dana

beti said...

you made me really hungry, I've never tried deviled eggs but it seems like an egg salad, I love the idea!

grace said...

this is a great alternative to the WAY overdone deviled egg. great idea!

Mary said...

This looks excellent! I've pinned it to try soon. Thanks!

Mary said...

I am totally laughing at myself right now. I thought, this is such an excellent idea, I need to make this. Then I double checked the recipe and realized that I make this all the time LOL! I just never thought of it as deviled egg dip, but why not? It's egg salad on a cracker, but your description is much better! Have a great night. :)

Anna said...

The ingredients list has two tablespoons of vinegar, but it's not mentioned in the directions. Is that for boiling the eggs, or is it supposed to go in with the mustard and mayo?

Anonymous said...

To simplify things even more, I will make this but will "grate" the eggs on a food grater
instead of chopping them. It makes a great texture for egg salad or deviled eggs.

Krissy Kris said...

Delicious! I come from an area in VA where everyone uses miracle whip and sweet pickle relish in their deviled eggs. Some even put onion. To each their own. My mother taught me to make deviled eggs exactly the way you described! Mustard, mayo, salt/pepper and white vinegar. Delicious, and I could eat a dozen by myself. I will try this spread!

Krissy Kris said...

Delicious! My mother taught me to make deviled eggs this way, I thought our way was "weird". lol. I come from an area of Virginia where everyone uses miracle whip, sweet pickle relish and even onion in their deviled eggs. Blech! To each their own, but I will always make my deviled eggs the way my Mama taught me...and her Mama before her.....and her Mama before her....and so on. lol. I will try this spread!

Anonymous said...

what do I do with the vinegar?

Beth said...

Deviled eggs were a family favorite when I was growing up and we always used mayonnaise, salt & Worchestershire with our egg mixture. Talk about a good deviled egg! Well . . . . This recipe sounds interesting and I'm gonna try it for our next family gathering. I like the idea of a deviled egg dip with crackers. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Unknown said...

I love deviled eggs and this is a great idea. I also use onion and sweet relish and a bit of sugar. Have never used white vinegar...only cider vinegar...and top with paprika! Everyone loves them.

The Better Baker said...

We love deviled eggs in my family, but I've not been brave enough to announce we weren't having them - haha. Making the filling as a spread is a fabulous idea. So glad I saw this eggs-elent
idea. =D