Thursday, April 5, 2012

Feeding my mind.


I visit a lot of food blogs.

I make great recipes.

I meet nice people.

I get inspiration.

Food blogs are not the only kind of blogs I visit. Sometimes I need nourishment for my mind as well as body. That's where Jen comes in.

My friend Jennifer is a poet, photographer, gentle soul, and fantastic Mom to two beautiful girls.

She strings together words that make me sigh, that make me nod my head in agreement, that make me print them out to hang on my fridge.

This is a true gift. To be able to not only express how you feel, but to capture that feeling for someone else. Just with words and pictures. Amazing.

I often wait until just before bed to check out her posts so her sweet words will linger in my head as I drift off to sleep. It's a nice way to end the day.

If you haven't visited Under the Big Blue Sky, you should.

You should fill up your head with beautiful words, and gorgeous pictures, and true emotion.

I keep telling her she should write a book.

I'll be the first one standing in line to buy a copy.


Jennifer said...


thank you my friend.

for once you have left me without words.

alisa at foodista dot com said...

We would love to feature your blog on Foodista but I cant seem to find your email add. I hope you can write back to me so I can tell you more about it.Thanks!

Anonymous said...

As the worst photographer ever, I am always in awe by beautiful photos. I wish I had that eye.