Friday, June 28, 2013


Hi everyone!

I've been absent for a bit as you can see. There was a temporary bit of crazy going on at my house. My son's graduation/pig roast/birthday celebration was a huge success. My anxiety over cooking the pig (mostly worrying that the weather would cooperate), was settled when we saw that the upcoming forecast was blue skies and temps in the low 80's. It was beyond perfect. We really couldn't have asked for a better day.

The pig, which was roasting on an open rotisserie in the front yard, drew a lot of attention. We had cars stopping all day and even had folks from the next street over come and check it out. We made the entire neighborhood smell like bacon. Now that's a good thing!

We ate, we laughed, we spent time with all the people we love. It was one of those days that you hold on to for a long time.

Here's a pic of the pig roasting. Yum!

Graduation Pig Roast 6jpg

Taking him off the spit.

Graduation Pig Roast 23

There was a crowd gathering when it came off. Everyone wanted a bite.

Graduation Pig Roast 38

My very happy sister in law eating the skin (my nephew trying to steal it)

Graduation Pig Roast 47

My extremely happy husband. It really was the best tasting pork we've ever had. So moist and juicy. Yum!

Graduation Pig Roast 60

We ate pork for the next 4 days and that was after we shared with a bunch of people! It was a lot of pig! If you're thinking of hosting a pig roast, I highly recommend it!

There was one more thing that I wanted to remind everyone about. As most of you know Google Reader will cease to be very soon. I'm sad. I liked Google reader. I don't know why they had to get rid of it??

Anyway, if you follow my blog through reader you will have to subscribe through a different program. If you already subscribe through Google Reader, you can go to and sign up for an account. It's free. During the sign-up process, this message will come up:

If you already use Google Reader, click on “Connect to Google Reader.”

Voila—your feeds should have seamlessly migrated.

I'll be back with some mouth-watering new recipes! Happy weekend everyone!

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