Monday, August 23, 2010

Ornamental Oregano

I guess I'm in a picture posting kinda mood.

Here's a few more.

I have been cooking, just haven't been inspired to type up the recipes and get them'll happen soon!

Ornamental Oregano 4

Everyone has a favorite flower right?

Mine is the hydrangea.

I think everyone should have a favorite ornamental herb too. This is mine.

Ornamental Oregano.

Ornamental Oregano 5

I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

John and I were at our favorite organic nursery, The Good Earth when this spectacular plant caught my eye.

It's called Kent Beauty (Origanum rotundifolia). Beauty it is.

It's not an edible herb. Who could eat should gorgeousness??

Ornamental Oregano 3

It's color comes not from the diminutive flowers they have, but from the light lilac hued bracts (a leaf-like part of the plant that is found just beneath the flower) that are really showy.

Wow I just sounded like a horticulturist didn't I?? Course I did, I swiped that line from a webpage, lol.

I love how it looks different depending on the lights it's in.

Ornamental Oregano 9

I love the prominent veins found in the heart-shaped blue green leaves.

I love the way that fragile little purple flower peaks their heads out from under the leaves.

Ornamental Oregano 8

If you stare at that flower long enough, you'll see a little fairy-like creature with a bouffant hairdo.

Ok maybe that's just me.

Ornamental Oregano 6

Just look those leaves. A perfect waterfall of chartreuse and lilac pink.

Ornamental Oregano 7

Ornamental Oregano

I planted it in a footed pot so I can move it around and enjoy it where ever I am in the yard.

Ornamental Oregano 1

Ornamental Oregano2

I'm probably posting way too many pictures, but I just can't help myself.

I wish I had a way with words, they way some folks do, yeah I'm talking to you Kim.

I don't. Sometimes I can just say it better with pictures.

Ornamental Oregano 10
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