Friday, December 28, 2007

Like a cross between a hyena and screaming banshee

I have been friends with Tatjana (Tati to us) for over 20 years now. As anyone who has met her can tell you, she will make you laugh. I could never accurately describe the high pitched squeal that emits from her body, but it in infectious. When she laughs, you can't help but laugh along with her, even if you have no clue what she is laughing about, which happens more often then you may think.

We got together last night to have our Christmas together. Every year we tell each other were not going to buy for each other, just the kids and every year we end up buying something for each other cause we just can't resist when we find whatever it is that you just have to buy. This year I got her a clock with a rooster on it. Tati is a bit chicken and rooster obsessed. I think it goes back to her younger days in Slovenija when she played with the chickens to occupy her time. I have a clock with a rooster on it in my kitchen. For the last 7 or 8 years, since I bought the clock, she has wanted it. Whenever she would look up at my clock she would say "Gimme that clock". "No I like my clock, you can't have it." Then John, who hates my rooster clock, would "chime" in (sorry, bad pun) "Take it, you can have it". It's funny that my clock stayed on the wall all this time, cause as with many things over the years, when one of us would say "Oh I love that" the other will say "here take it". It's just a thing we do, we give our stuff away to each other, cause after all, it's just stuff. I'm sure Tati expected that at some point she would wear me down and I would tell her to just take it, but I like my rooster clock dammit!

Over the summer I found a clock very similar to mine and knew I had to buy it for her. When I wrapped it for Christmas I wrote on the tag "here - now you can quit your bitching". Needless to say, when she opened it up, she omitted the highest pitch squeal that we have heard in a very long time. She has her own rooster clock now. I'm sure it will be just a matter of time before she has her eye on something else in my house.

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