Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Things that make me happy #11


Yup another Etsy find. I really should lay off Etsy for a while; I would probably save myself a lot of money, but I just can’t stay away cause there are so many beautiful things to see (and buy!).

I am a sucker for pottery (and baskets and bowls and fireflies, the list goes on and on).

So I’m browsing and I see this beautiful tile that says, “I love cupcakes”. Hey! I do love cupcakes, and pottery, and here they are together! This is an item with my name written all over it! So I browse the hundreds and hundreds of sayings that they have to offer and I see “Mangia” which for those of you who don’t know means ‘eat’ in Italian. Maniga is a word that I will always associate with my Dad, yes because it’s Italian, but mostly because I can vividly remember him saying it all the time when we were at the dinner table. “Mangia! Maniga!” or “Sedersi Mangia” (Sit down and eat!). He also never said cucumbers in English, he always said cetrioli. Cetrioli sounds like shit-trolli when you say it, so we always got a kick out of it when he said it cause it sounded like he was swearing and when you are 9 years old, that’s funny stuff.

So I wanted to share of picture of my beautiful tiles. Her Etsy shop is here:

And her website is here:

She included a small tile that said "Smile" and on the back were instructions to "pass it on". I thought that was the sweetest thing. She can also custom make you any tile that you’d like. Oh you know I'm thinking about that!

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