Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things that make me happy #12


Not just any flower, but daisies in particular. I usually buy a bunch about every month or so since they almost always last about 3 weeks. I break a large bunch up into smaller groupings and scatter them around the house, sometimes in vases or old milk bottles, or this neat little vase I found today and just had to have. The top has a "frog". Not a ribbit frog, but a floral frog, which is little round holes to help the flowers stand up straight. I love it.

This months bunch is yellow. Last month my Mom got me a huge bunch of white ones for my birthday. Any color will do for me. They are my absolute favorite flower. I'll take a bunch over roses any day of the week.

Daises make me happy.

Check out the 2 new love nuts the guys found when they were diggin the flagpole.
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