Friday, August 22, 2008


Everything in my little world is coming back to me. The planets are re-aligning, the stars are shining a little brighter, and all is well in my little kingdom.

I am in countdown mode.

Part of it is counting down the days to 3 shows that I got absolutely addicted to last season.

Heroes – Season 3 – September 22
Dexter – Season 3 – September 28
Big Love – Season 3 – 2009!

Out of all three shows I am tragically and hopelessly in love with Dexter. The forensic serial killer has captured my heart and I often found myself saying, “He’s the kind of guy I could love even if I knew he was serial killer.” I’m so angry that I have had to endure all these months without my Dexter fix.

I was a latecomer to two of these shows. I didn’t start watching Heroes until the second season. John had watched it from the beginning (and I admit, I called him a nerdboy when he starting watching it) but when I went and got hooked on season two we bought season one so I could catch up. We had marathon “Hero Nights” where we would try and cram in as many episodes as we could before I fell asleep on the couch. Dexter was the same way. Watched a second season show and then had to go “on demand” to see all of season one.

Big Love I caught from the beginning. When will HBO start showing new episodes of Big Love? 2009?? Yup you read that right. I've been waiting since 2007! Come on! I’m gonna need an hour recap before I start watching again.

The biggest and most important countdown has been to Mitch’s homecoming. Let me rewind for those of you who don’t know the story. Mitch is one of our very best friends. He is family to us. He stupidly decided to move to Missouri in May of 2007. My heart was broken. The whole family actually went through a mourning period without him in our lives. I can’t even think about the day he left us without crying.

Fast forward a few months, Mitch gets into a horrible accident, ends up broken, battered and in a coma for a month. We are frantic here with no way to reach him, and are constantly calling all his family members for updates. I wrote him letters, lots of letters. I chronicled life that was happening while he was sleeping. After a month he comes out of the coma and is practically good as new. Well there was lots of therapy, but still, almost good as new. We still miss him, and even keep his chair at the kitchen table in anticipation that he will smarten up and move back to RI. Mitch moves from Missouri to Kansas to recover and once again our hopes of having him come home to us seem less and less likely. It was a long summer without my garden helper.

He called every Sunday faithfully. He’d update us on life in Kansas. He would comment on the food on the blog. He tells me he misses me terribly but he misses my cooking even more! Huh?!

In July we get the fantastic news that yes, he has come to his senses and will be moving back to RI. So in a very short time, he will be on the road and heading back home to us. I can’t even begin to tell you how happy that makes me. Once he’s back the celebrations will begin. I plan on cooking up all his favorite foods. Our empty chair at the table will be filled and once again our family will be complete.


Dee said...

I'm obsessed with Heroes. I think I secretly wish I had super powers (not so hush now that I just spilled the beans!). Dexter sounds like something I could really get into, but there's no way it'll show in Malaysia. Sigh.

krysta said...

i'm glad your friend is healing and on his way back to you and your family. as for tv i'm all about mad men!