Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Yesterday was one of those very long and hectic days for me. When I got home I proceeded to fall into my same routine. Those of us with a touch of OCD like routines. I did what I always do when I come in from work. I immediately throw my shoes off and change into a t-shirt & shorts. The shorts that I like to wear with this particular shirt were in a basket in the laundry room (i.e. the garage). While I was on my way to the laundry room I was sidetracked by 5 different things, then I started in on supper, had a small kitchen disaster, cleaned that up, ate dinner and sat down with the boys to go over their summer reading programs cause school starts in a week. Evan realized that he needed one more book to read and he wasn’t happy with any of the books he had at home. “Ok let’s run to the library then”. He ran outside to kick the soccer bowl around until I came out. I walked past my husband, grabbed my purse and a book bag, walked out of the house, got in the car, started the car, called for Evan to get in, backed down the driveway and as I went to buckle my seat belt I noticed something.

I didn’t have shorts on.

I walked out of the house in my underwear….past my husband and Jesse, out into the yard on my deck and right past Evan.

You think one of them would have looked up and noticed that I didn’t have shorts on??? Nope. So now I am in the car, hysterically laughing to the point I might wet myself and I realize I have to get out of the car, in my underwear, and run to get back into the house. I made a mad dash for the back door and stood in the breezeway, leg crossed; laughing so hard I could hardly speak. John came to see what the noise was all about and it was all I could do just to point to my purple undies and mutter “I just left the house in my underwear”. Then he starts laughing. Tears were now streaming down my face. Evan gets out of the car and comes in now, shaking his head at me.

“Didn’t you notice that I was in my underwear?”

“You’re always in your underwear Mom”

It’s true. I’d live in just a t-shirt if I could. I sleep in t-shirts. I’m comfy in t-shirts. Pants and shorts make me feel restricted, and I do roam the house half naked most times. Growing up as the only girl in my house, and not being very prudish, my mom always said that I had no shame. She’s partly right. In my house I am perfectly comfortable being half clothed….but at the library??? Come on! I do have an increment of shame after all.
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