Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things that make me happy #8

Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla

I know there are lots of people in America who don’t know their neighbors. I am very thankful to say, not only do I know mine; but they our also our friends. My neighbors own an ice cream factory. Yes kids, you heard me right, a whole freakin’ factory that makes one of the most delectable treats known to man. How lucky are we?

They have been very generous with their ice cream treats over the many years we have lived beside them. Tom takes my boys on what we now refer to as “Willie Wonka Runs” and lets them loose inside the humongous walk in coolers to let them pick out whatever there little hearts desire. We have had their ice cream for every party and celebration in our home since 1988.

Over the weekend I brought them some of the clam chowder that I made, some of my bread I baked and a few others treats. They returned the favor with ice cream cake and home made grapenut pudding (one of my absolute favorites). He also asked me if I would like some Pure Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Uh lemme think about that? Hello? Do bees like honey? Did Elvis dig on peanut butter and nanner sandwiches?? YES would be the answer. Are you kidding me?

So he brings out a gallon! A big gallon of the stuff they use to make the ice cream with, and he tells me to bring back a container to put some in. So I look around and find a small plastic container. Tom sees it and says “that’s too small” so CeeCee gets a cruet, you know the Good Seasons ones that you make salad dressing with, and he fills it to the top. If I could only convey to you in words the smell that was wafting through the room when he was pouring that vanilla in the bottle. It was heavenly. He then proceeds to tell me that he pays over $300 a gallon for it! Holy Bejessus!

I got some kick ass home made vanilla in a Christmas swap I participated in a few years ago, and now this! The vanilla Gods have smiled upon me.
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