Saturday, February 2, 2008

Whole Foods Haul

Tati and I went out this afternoon to Whole Foods Market. It was only the 3rd time that I had even been in a Whole Foods. I went to one in Providence with Mitch a few years ago and I went to the one that we visited today a few weeks back when I was in the middle of my bread crisis.

Let me just say this....if I could afford it, and didn't care how much I spent every week on groceries, I would shop at Whole Foods all the time. Everyone who works there is so happy and helpful too, kinda like the Disney World of grocery stores. I am so jealous of all the high falutin' folks who had their baskets full to the tippy top. Tati and I shared one of those mini double decker baskets. I did get some stuff that I had been looking for though. I love the aisle where everything is in bulk and you fill your bag up with as much as you want. I got some organic popcorn, wheat berries, French lentils, red lentils and organic barley. I also picked up some steak sauce for John, some blood oranges for me, a bag of Whole Foods tortilla chips (we tasted them at the store, they were fabulous) and a big bunch of fresh basil. Finally! I was beginning to think that I would never find fresh basil again until spring.

You should have seen Tati and I standing at the cheese counter. I could have spent hundreds on cheese alone. Then we moved on to the breads. Oh my, my, my. Beautiful, beautiful breads. We each bought a crusty Tuscan Boule and Tati got a few little rolls that looked like footballs, too cute. Here's a picture of my loot.
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