Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Oh my gosh! I just couldn't believe it when I found the photo above. I was just amazed. That's exactly what I looked like today when I went out to vote. Stockings, red white & blue high heels and all!

It's uncanny!

(ok, ok so I was in jeans and a t-shirt...I like to dream a little sometimes)

Election Day started off early for us today. John was in line at the polls at 6:40am. As he was standing in line, one of the poll workers stuck her head out of the door and said "we don't have any ballots". Great John thinks. Five minutes later she came back out again and said "the ballots are here, but we can't turn the machine on. We don't have the keys". What?? At 7:15 John is finally in to vote. He's the 3rd person in line, the first one in the booth and he discovers that his marker has no ink! He stands there for 5 minutes, waving his empty marker in the air. Finally the 196 year old poll worker (hey John said that, not me!) shows up with a new marker and John can vote.

I took the day off to hang with the kids, take care of some medical stuff, run some errands and of course make cupcakes to support my candidate. I also took my second trip to Trader Joe's. This time I wasn't packed into the aisles like a sardine. Opening day was just too hectic and I missed out on a lot of the items I wanted to try. Today I got to take my time and really look at all the products. I got some really yummy stuff. I found that they made Goddess Dressing, a favorite of mine. I scooped up 2 bottles. I can't wait to have it on my salad tonight. I also picked up hard salamis for the guys, along with some salsa and chips and some hummus for Mama. I can see myself going back a few times a month to get the things I really like.

Ok on to the cupcakes. This is my "go to" cupcake recipe. Everyone loves them. They are moist. They are chocolaty. They have creamy peanut butter frosting. They have been consumed in mass quantities.

They might give you a hint as to who I voted for.

I'm just sayin'.

You can find the recipe here.

Please remember to VOTE - -it's important. Also remember, if you don't vote, you can't bitch about the situation cause you did nothing to try and change it.


katie said...

What pretty hair!

noble pig said...

Hey I wore that outfit too, except my stockings were fishnets with a seam up the back.

Maria said...

Yeah for voting day and the cupcakes look awesome. I love the O :)

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Hey, I got the memo about matching clothing too. Pink lipstick, though. Glad you made it back to TJ's in a quite moment.

Autum said...

I made the cupcakes yesterday and loved them. The chocolate cake was great. My husband loved the peanut butter icing even though he doesn't like icing in general. Thanks for sharing.