Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a mess!

So I was in the kitchen, prepping food for the Super Bowl, remembered that I needed to jar and seal up some of the stuff I had bought at Whole Foods yesterday. Got all the jars ready, carried 3 of them over to the cupboards and this happens.......
Glass and organic popcorn all over the place. Uggghh.

Of course Moose hears the commotion and wants to check it out. I had to put him into the living room and blockade him out so he wouldn't get cut on the glass. As I'm dumping the first batch into the trash, Fatty my cat that is very old and has a failing bladder, decides this is the time to pee on the floor. Pee mixed with glass and popcorn to clean now. Lovely. I didn't take a picture of that mess. Oh bother.

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