Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sharing the Love

My friends Todd & Diane do something on their blog which I think is just so beautiful. They "Share the Love". They share. What kind of stuff do they share? Well a few have been....fruits from their garden, doggy biscuits, herbs & spices, blooming teas, etc. but most of all they share the infectious spirit of giving. Was I ever surprised when just a few months after I had starting reading their blog, I received a box in the mail from them that had beautiful oranges (some still on the vine!) and a huge bunch of rosemary, both from their garden. It really touched me to know that 2 people, who I had never met before, would reach out in kindness that way. A few week's back they showcased all the beautiful items that they had got in return for Sharing the Love. I was proud to be included in that group. I now find myself in a store, picking up something, and saying "Oh Todd & Diane would love this". The Saturday before Mothers Day they sent me some of their favorite chocolate covered macadamia nuts. A Mother's Day gift for me! I was so surprised! The enclosed note said I was a "beautiful soul". Sniff. It really did make me tear up. It's not often in life you find people who are just generally so goodhearted. I think they are the beautiful souls.

Although it sounds like a cliche, I really do love to give more than I love to receive, and more importantly, I love that I have 2 new friends all the way over on the other coast, who inspire me, and instill the spirit of giving into me. Thanks for that guys.

What lead up to that post ya might ask? Well Friday I came home to find yet another box from California in my breezeway. It was a big one. I happily teared into it and the first thing that I saw was this:
A mortar & pestle! I had a little bitty one at home, but it was never very useful to me. I had asked in a comment on their blog, where they had found the beautiful mortar & pestle which I had seen on one of their videos, and a week or so later, one shows up on my doorstep! Also included in the box were a whole bunch of spices! Beautiful, colorful, aromatic, containers full of the most delicious spices! Yes they really are that wonderful. Here's the roll call on the spices, some of which I have never heard of, but can't wait to experiment with!

Star Anise
Bay Leaves
Indian Mace
Garam Masala
Cumin Seeds
Green Cardamon Pods

Dried Goji berries
Annato seeds
Whole Cloves
Mustard Seeds
Whole Allspice
Juniper Berries

Phew! Quite a list huh? Tonight I'm going to make some grilled swordfish with a special marinade that I have been planning around some of my new spices! I need to get grinding!!

Thank you again Todd & Diane. I am blessed to call you my friends.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to know that the big mortar/pedstle is a new kitchen toy for you! Have fun with the spices!!
Diane & Todd