Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things that make me happy #14


Yesterday I checked out a little farmers market that is just under 10 minutes away from work, near a state park. It had rained all morning, so I wasn't sure if there was going to be anyone there, but I went anyway. Am I glad I did! Since the weather was still kinda crappy there were only about 10 tents set up. I wandered over to one that was selling organic veggies & herbs! Woo hoo - jackpot! I always try to use organic plants, and I garden organically, so this was a gold mine for me and the plants were cheap! Since I had already purchased the majority of my herbs & veggies for the garden I didn't get too much, but I did see a few things that I did not have. Red Rubin Basil - just look at that color!

2 kinds of lettuce I hadn't seen before. Anuenue & Special Amish Bibs (that's the one with all the cool colors). I didn't plant any lettuce last year, so I decided this year it was time. I'm going to plant 4 different kinds. Oh I also picked up a little Sage plant too.

I found some Creeping Rosemary (Prostrate Rosemary, that's what the tag said) at another stand. How cool is that? I never even knew it existed. I'm going to plant it along with my regular ole' rosemary and see how it does.

The name of the farm where I got the basil & lettuces is called Cedar's Edge Farm and they are located in Johnston, RI. I bit of a way from where I live, so knowing they will be at the Farmers Market every Friday makes me really happy. I'm hoping they will have some organic fruits when it gets closer to summer. I also checked on the Farm Fresh Rhode Island website and found a few other Farmer's Markets that aren't too far away. John and I might make Saturday morning Farmer Market Mornings!


krysta said...

i love the pictures of the herbs!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for all the herbs!! We look forward to seeing more of these herbs as they grow in your garden!