Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Things that make me happy #13


I have been looking for a pair of chocolate brown slide in Keds for years. I finally found them today. I had been to Kohls a few days ago and purchased 2 pairs of sandals for work. One pair of black and one brown. I happily slid the black ones on yesterday morning and I noticed something strange....they squeeked, a poofy, airy, squeeky noise that was really annoying. I figured that it was because they were new, so off I went to work in them. The squeekiness did not wear off. I squeeked all day. It was getting a little embarrassing. I went to my morning supervisors meeting and I felt I had to explain the noise, cause everyone could hear it. They all laughed of course, but it was really starting to annoy me. By lunchtime everyone who works within a 10 foot radius of me was ready to hit me. I tried to stay seated as much as I could, but I do have to get up to do certain things. I even slipped them off for most of the afternoon and ran around barefoot. It was that bad.

I called Kohls customer service and explained to the nice rep that the shoes were driving me crazy and that I had worn them most of the day (trying not to scuff them up) but I had had it with them. I asked if I could still bring them back, yes she said as long as I had the slip, which I did. So back to Kohls I went and I took a little detour to the shoe section and low and behold, sweet maker of all Keds...there they were....chocolate brown slip on' my size...and they were still cheaper than both my pairs of sandals! I am very happy indeed.

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