Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Good Earth

Don't you just love it when you find a little gem of a place right in your own backyard?

John and I took a little break from yard work today and decided to head to a little nursery called The Good Earth. We had passed it a few times, but it was always closed when we went by. It looked so cute from the road that I knew I had to visit. So today I went with the intent to purchase a plant to fill an adorable little teacup planter I had picked up earlier in the week.

Wow was I impressed. First, it's an organic nursery, so that's always a huge plus for me and second, they specialize in unique plants. I felt like I walked into my own private little nirvana. Everywhere I turned there were these gorgeous plants, luscious greens and yellows, vibrant purples and reds, pale yellows, delicate oranges. I was in heaven. The young lady that was in the green house was totally cool and very hip I might add. She gladly answered all my questions and let me take photos of anything I wanted. Oh you have to check out her tattoo. At first I thought she had it branded on her. I watched a few tattoo specials where people actually burn a design into their skin. No thank you please. I asked her if that was what is was, and she told me it was a white tattoo. It was so beautiful. White with little pink highlights. You really didn't notice it at first, and then when she turned a certain way and the light caught it, it just popped. I asked her if I could take a picture of it and she said sure. John said leave it to me to ask a chick if I can take a picture of her chest. I have no shame, besides she was happy I asked.

I fell in love with that tattoo. Now I totally want a white tattoo. That would make a nice anniversary present hunny. Are you paying attention?

Anyway, I got so many great ideas for next year. I'm planning a new flower bed and an extended herb garden. I can hardly wait! I'm also going to make some stone pots like the ones in the first collage. I had downloaded the instructions on the DYI site, I'm just having a heck of a time finding a circular or square mold big enough to mix stone and cement in.

I bought a darling little ornamental oregano. I'm bummed that it's not edible but just look at what it will look like when it matures. The flowers were so delicate. I was immediately drawn to it. I'm hoping I can winter it over and keep it growing inside during the fall and winter.

The owner came out a bit later and we chatted with him a bit. He was totally an old hippie dude. I liked him immediately, cause I am totally an old hippie chick. I also picked up an ornamental grass. It will look like this when it matures:

This one is an annual, but should last until the first frost.

I'm so excited to have found a nursery with a knowledgeable staff and that is filled with so many unique plants. I can hardly wait to start planting next year.


krysta said...

I love that tattoo. I've always wanted a tattoo but didn't like the dark ink ( I'm a chicken) so how does that work?

The Cutting Edge of Ordinary said...

Krysta I think it's done just like a regular tattoo, only with white ink. I'll ask her next time I visit, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is.