Sunday, June 22, 2008


What a great weekend we had. Friday evening John and I went strawberry picking. The berries were so plentiful that we picked 6 pounds in about 20 minutes. Saturday morning we worked in the yard and then I went in and started to make jam. It smelled so good in my kitchen. I made 3 large containers of jam from about 1/2 the batch of berries. I'm making another strawberry rhubarb pie with some too. One of the guys I work with gave me a gigantic bunch of rhubarb so I told him I would bring in a pie. I'm tempted to make chocolate covered strawberries with the rest, but I know if I do that, then I'll want to eat them all, and I can't do that, so I will resist as much as I hate too!

The jam came out just perfect. John and I had some on toast for breakfast. The strawberry flavor was just so fresh. It was like eating ripe, sweet strawberries right off the vine.

Saturday night we went out to Rodozio's in Providence with my parents and Eva. It's a Brazilian steakhouse where all the meat is served by Gauchos on skewers. They had a massive antipasto bar and was just loaded with all kinds of amazing food. The meats and cheeses were outta this world. My Dad and John loved the lamb. I don't do lamb. John tried to get me to take a bite, but I just couldn't. The service was phenomenal and we all left really stuffed! I would have taken some pictures, but I forgot the camera at home.

Sunday we did more yard work (it never ends) and I harvested a huge bunch of lettuce for dinner. I think we will have a great big salad with some grilled teriyaki chicken on top. Trying to keep it light.

Oh - I joined the recipe test team for Jaden @ Jadens Steamy Kitchen, so you should be seeing some Asian inspired recipes coming up soon.


~lifedramatic~ said...

Oh my goodness, those strawberries look so good!

Strawberry rhubarb pie is my very favorite. Strawberry rhubarb jam would be awesome too! Did you make some of that?


Anonymous said...

I can smell those beauties already! How fun to go picking. And...yeah! for your garden lettuce! Will you be using some of those in your Asian inspired dishes too? :)