Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tree Hunt

I'm somewhat late posting this. We tagged our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving and I just now got around to downloading and posting.

You can see John P doubled over laughing in this photo.Why is he laughing? Cause after 5 minutes of everyone fidgeting I screamed:

"Dammit people, stay still, I'm trying to create a precious memory here!!!".

A rare sighting....a Pats fan and a Steelers fan standing side by side.

Tati and her Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

We were late this year. Really late. We usually tag a tree around Halloween time, but this year we kinda forgot about it. We had Mom & Dad visiting and lots that we were doing in house and we forgot to tag our tree. So off we went with John, Tati & Sara (and doggy Sasha) up to the local tree farm just a few minutes away to tag a tree in the freezer cold! I'm talking frigid weather. Another reason that we usually tag in October.

After a long search we found the perfect tree for us. Almost 9 feet tall and very just waiting to be decorated.

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