Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Things that make me happy #4

My custom made necklace.

This was a Christmas present from John. I had seen it on Etsy and fell in love with it. If you haven't shopped on Etsy....well what the hell is stoppin' you? Oh you don't know what Etsy is?? Well let me enlighten you grasshopper. Etsy is a marketplace where individuals sell handmade items. It's not like Ebay, you don't bid on the items, the price is listed and you just BUY! They have some beautiful, unique gifts you won't find anywhere else so....... go forth and shop!

Okay now back to my necklace that I love. I love that it's square and that the hand stamping it not perfect. I love the little heart in the middle and that the names of the people who I love more than life itself are always with me.
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