Saturday, January 12, 2008

Farm Fresh Eggs

I finally found another source for farm fresh eggs. For years one of the men I worked with had loads and loads of chickens and with those chickens came loads of eggs that he sold to co-workers. Well he got older and decided that he was done with the chicken business, so there went my source. I was sad. I went years without a fresh egg then...along comes Ron, another co-worker who just bought a house way out in the boonies with lots of land. Ron bought himself some chickens and BINGO! I had fresh eggs again! I was thrilled when I heard he was selling them. $1 a dozen, how can ya beat that? Ya can't my friend. I give him $2 a week, my empty egg cartons and tell him to keep them coming. What I don't use in a week I give to my Mom, so the fresh eggs are shared.

If you haven't had a farm fresh egg you don't know what you're missing. The yolks are bright orange, the whites are clear, and the taste is fresh and wonderful. Yup there is dirt on them and hay and sometimes even a little poo but I feel better knowing that the chickens are happy and roam free and no one shoved chemicals down their little yellow beaks. Happy chicken, happy eggs, happy me!

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