Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Johnny Rockets - a first for me.

I have never been to a Johnny Rockets until tonight. Now we don't usually go out to eat during the week, but I found out there was a huge sale at Bath & Body Works (more on my loot from there later) and we had to drive right by Johnny Rockets to get to it, so since I've never been to one, and John goes to the one in Providence (the "big city" to me), we decided to stop for a burger.
I am new to the burger world. I didn't eat red meat for 25 years and I am slowly getting back my love of the hamburger. I have to say the burger I ordered was wonderful. It's hard to get a wonderful outta me over a burger, but this one was. I got the Route 66 burger that came with sauteed onions and mushrooms and of course cheese, John got one called the St. Louis that was loaded with bacon (one of this favorite things on earth). It really was melt in your mouth delicious. They serve them to you wrapped in wax paper and when the waitress asked if I would like ketchup, I was tickled to see her take a little paper bowl and make a smiley face with it. The edge of the bowl said "Hope you're smiling too!" Dawwwww. My smiley face does look a tad bit demonic though.
The atmosphere was like a 1950's diner and at one point most of the waitstaff broke into song and dance (Respect by Aretha). It was very cute, of course I sang alone and responded to the "whoop, whoops" when they signaled for them. We were in and out in about a half hour. I never had a burger, that was so good, served so fast. No wonder John wants to go there everyday for lunch.

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