Monday, January 28, 2008

Knoppers, Hanuta & Milka...Oh my!!!

Tati's Mom arrived from Slovenija last week. Her name is Francesca, same as my Nonna's. In Slovenija they call her Fanny. We all call her Mama. John, her son-in-law, affectionately calls her "Umpa Lumpa". Well maybe not affectionately, but that's what he calls her, and he's fairly accurate. I must say, the woman is short. At 5 feet I tower over her and all the kids can easily rest their elbows on her noggin. She's itty bitty and she's a sweetheart. Altough I speak no Slovenijan and she speaks very little English, we have managed to communicate over the past 20 years. She arrived, as always, with the delectable German chocolates that I adore. I love her for that *sniff*. Chocolate is chocolate no matter what language you speak, least in my little world I like to think so. Mama stays in the USA about 3 - 4 months out of the year. The woman knows the way to my heart. Here's what I got:

Hanuta - rich chocolate with roasted chopped hazelnuts sandwiched between 2 chocolate coated wafers.

Knoppers - Similar to the Hanuta, Knoppers are crispy wafers made with one third whole wheat flour (see that, whole wheat flour, it's practically a health food) with delicious milk and melted nougat cream filling. It also has the crunchy roasted hazelnuts. Be still my heart.

Milka - You can get Milka here, but not the Milka Alpenmilch, my favorite of the Milkas. It's made with Alpine milk chocolate and it's fantastically delicious and smooth. It has a milk cream filling. Tati calls it Kinder Schokolade (Kids Chocolate) because of all the milk in it, they gave it to the kids all the time in Germany and Slovenija.

I was trying to decide which one of these I love the most, and you know, it's just like they were my little chocolate children, I love them all equally......and yes, I share them......dammit.

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Anonymous said...

hey,give me my "chocket,"back!LOL,mama has seen your blog,she likes it,and me too!