Sunday, January 6, 2008

A new kitchen set!!

I am so excited. We just bought that, look down!! My old set, which was a hand me down and is over 45 years old, finally had it. I put a bowl of soup down on the table last weekend and I noticed the soup was tipping on an angle. Funny, my bowl must be warped. Checked the bowl, it looked okay. So I set another bowl down and it was was doing the same thing. I crouched down and looked under the table, oh, not good. The big wooden bracket thingy in the middle looked like it was buckling. John took at look at it and said it had been fixed many times before, nothing he could do. Oh well, I guess I must force myself to go out and buy a brand new kitchen set for the first time ever in my life!!

After much comparison shopping this is what we got. It's totally country and total me (and John). I love it. It should be here in about a week. The chairs even have leaves carved into them.

Just think of how excited I'm going to be when I finally get my new gigantic kitchen...someday! This will look fabulous in it!

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