Sunday, January 6, 2008

Homemade Egg Noodles

I watched my mother-in-law make these home made egg noodles when she visited in October. These are the noodles that her Grandmother, Mrs. Edna May Hinderschott made. How’s that for a name? Everyone loved them. There not pretty like the ones in the store, but damn they’re good.

Start with about 2 cups of salted (about a teaspoon) all purpose flour and make a little well in the center. Drop an egg in and dig your hands in and start kneading. If it seems too dry (which mine did) add another egg.

Knead until you get nice firm dough.

Roll the dough out until it’s about a ¼ inch thick and let it dry for 3 -4 hours. I transferred my dough to a cookie rack so the air would circulate under it.

Now roll the dough up and slice it fairly thin, about the size of fettuccini. The noodles will puff up a lot when you boil them. You’ll have a bunch of little jelly roll looking spirals of dough. Unroll them and put them in a pan of salted boiling water for approximately 20 mins. You will need to pull one out and test it after 20 mins.

Because we are eating these with pot roast, I cooked them in water. When we ate them as a side dish when my mother-in-law was here, we used chicken broth. They were delicious and were devoured promptly.

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