Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm a Lip Balm Addict

I don't know when it happened. I don't know how it happened, but somehow over the last few years I have become addicted to chapstick and all other sorts of balms and "lip treatments". It's an illness I tell you. I feel compelled to have my lips covered in some sort of petroleum goo at least a dozen times a day. I'm not even the kind of girl who wears lipstick fer God's sake! How did this happen?

In addition to the dozens of little tubes I have in almost every room of the house, I have several in my car and my office has at least a half dozen in drawers, paperclip holders and stashed under the computer monitor. I carry 3 with me in my purse at all times, year round. Oh no, chapstick is not a seasonal application for me. It's year round baby. You never know when your lips will feel a tingle, a burn, a touch of dryness.

Today I took gander at the website for my all time favorite, Neosporin Lip Treatment. In the frequently asked questions section was this:

Q.How often can I apply NEOSPORIN LT® Lip Treatment?
A. Apply to the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times daily.

3 or 4 times daily!!!! Are these people mad?? I couldn't make it through the morning without 3 or 4 applications.

Luckily for me the Today Show had a segment on this morning all about this very subject and there was a dermatologist on, a cert-tee-fied Doctor and she said it's okay. My addiction to lip balms is okay. Phew. Thanks Doc.

Just so you don't all think I am a total freak, there is a time during the day when I don't even think about putting on Chapstick, or Blistex, or Neosporin LT, and that's right before I go to bed. In fact the bedroom is probably the only place in the house that is a balm free zone. Nope when I go to bed, every single night of my life, I slather my lips in Vaseline.


Mitchyboy said...

Oh Ms. Lisa, I'm still laughing after having read your expose on your lip balm usage. I always knew that you used it, but never to this degree...I believe that picture of the basket with all the brands you use (I have a feeling that all the brands weren't accounted for) is a cry for help....a cry for help in trying to find new and improved brands to add to your already overflowing collection of lip balm. Just out of curiosity, what would be the right brand for me? Not that it matters mind you, it's just that sometimes I experience that "tingle" you mentioned in your article. I'm thinking a Blistex brand, but who am I to say, I'm just a novice when it comes to the universe of lip balm....

kat said...

I'm a before-bed Vaseliner, myself. When I had a purse large enough, I carried a small jar of it with me (in lieu of a tube of lip balm - note to self: buy bigger purse). I just can't be without something to put on my lips when they feel dry, and lipstick doesn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

You slather your lips with vaseline before you go to bed????.....ooooooooooooooooooooooo...oooooo..ooooooooooooo
OK, I'm done...