Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things that make me happy #5

Rice Flower & Shea Body Splash. My favorite scent is Bath & Body Works Rice Flower & Shea. Of course this is also one of the scents that B&BW does not carry year round. I did not find this out until I ran out of it, went looking for another bottle and was told “ We only carry that scent in January” January? It was August when I ran out, so I have to wait 5 months to buy it?

Luckily for me back in August I put a reminder on my calendar to “call BBW re: RF&S” That’s really what the reminder said, and I actually knew what I meant by it. Amazing. So I called Tuesday and the perky salesperson told me not only did they have it in stock, it was on SALE for $4.00 a bottle. You have got to be kidding me I tell her. No I am not she says and then to make my life even sweeter than it already is she tells me if I buy 6 of them they will be $20. $3.33 each! Oh I was so there.

I walked in, went straight to a salesperson and asked her to point me in the direction of the Rice Flower & Shea body spray. I grabbed 6. I was heading for the register (I swear I was) and then out of the corner of my eye I see sale sign, a 75% off sales sign. These kinds of signs make me very happy. I wandered over and the first thing that caught my eye was the Savannah Bee Collection (which they are discontinuing, Boo B&BW, but yeah for me). The first bottle I pick up says Tupelo Honey on it. Liquid Honey Hand Soap. Doesn’t that just sound good? Someone made this just for me. I’m sure of it. Now those of you who know me are well aware that Tupelo Honey by Van Morrison is one of my favorite songs. I had to have this bottle. It has little bees on it! I love bees. Then I saw the beeswax hand cream and the Mint Julep lip balm (we all know about me and lip balm) and then some liquid honey soap for gardeners. Joy.

I walked out with my bag (which was so heavy she had to double bag it, thankyouverymuch). I pulled everything back outta the bag in the car, cause that just how I am when I buy something I like, I must check it all out again as soon as humanly possible. I oohed and ahhhed over my purchases, laid them out all over the table when I got home and spritzed some on myself. I was happy. Later as I was sitting on the couch Evan plopped down beside me, sniffed, wriggled his nose and proclaimed, “You stink Mom”. Very nice.

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