Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan!

Twelve years ago today, October 17th, I gave birth to one whopper of a baby boy. Almost 9 pounds of pure sweetness. My little angel who slept through the night almost immediately, ate like a trucker, and always had a smile on his sweet chubby face entered this world at 12:06pm after a fairly easy childbirth for Mama (thank you!).

Evan still cuddles with me at night, ask me to scratch his head, and loves it when I read to him. We snuggle up under a blanket and get "comfy cozy". That's what we say every time we snuggle up. "Mom, lemme get a blanket so we can get comfy cozy". He still needs me to cut his fingernails, and butter his toast, and make double knots in his soccer cleats. I'm going to be sad when he doesn't need me for any of those things, so I'm holding on as long as I can.

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!
I love you to the moon and back again.

I took today off as a vacation day. So what have you been doing all day on your day off Lisa you ask??? Well let me tell you. I was up at the crack of dawn preparing cause tomorrow we are having a big family party. I have been in the kitchen all day cooking up a storm. Two casseroles are done, as well as some spooky deviled eggs...

And 2 dozen Halloween cupcakes......

There is so much more to do but Evan has soccer practice so that forces me to take a break (thank you again!) and get a few minutes to regroup my thoughts and my next plan of action for round two. After practice it's back to the kitchen with me.


Shelley said...

wow. nearly 9 lbs...YOU ROCK

Happy birthday, Evan

noble pig said...

Happy Birthday! And we had the same idea with olives today! Love the cupcakes too.

Susan said...

Happy Bithday Evan...You made my eyes well up! My son is 14 and its just the same for us...except he has just started to be more independant which really tugs at my heart. Be strong- you are not going through this growning up thing alone! We have boys...they will always need their Mamas...right? Have a great party- by the way the cupcakes rock!