Monday, October 6, 2008

Things that make me happy #19

Well if you haven't found this gem of a little online store, you need to haul it over there and check them out. Them is Nuts Online and they are one of my very favorite places to shop online for all things yummy.

I've been buying from them for about 3 years now and I can't begin tell you how wonderful their products are. Well actually I will begin to tell you, lol. If you're thinking how much nuts can one person buy....well silly people, they sell so much more than just nuts. I buy herbs, teas, dried fruits, and sweets! (they sell my beloved coco-cola gummies!) and so much more! They sell so many different things I could never list them all here. You won't believe it. Everything is super fresh and all very, very reasonably priced.

They are located in NJ and have been in business since 1929. You want to talk about fast shipping. They are lightening fast. If I order on a Monday, I get my stuff Tuesday. Do I pay for overnight shipping??? Hell no, they are just that fast. Of course I'm in RI so I am a closer than most, but they are quick. Here's an example. Last year I placed an order, as soon as I pushed the "place my order button" I remembered that I needed just one more thing, yes that's always the case with me. So a few minutes later I called them up to see if I could add to my order. The gentleman who answered the phone said sure I could add to the order then asked me to hold on a minute, he yelled to the person packing my order and asked him to add my missing item! That's how fast they are. Minutes after I placed the order, they were getting it ready to ship. It's amazing.

I don't brag or boast about a company unless I really love it and I can honestly say, you would not be disappointed with any of their products. I just placed another big order tonight. I'm getting some new teas that I can't wait to try, some goodies for the kids, some wheat germ, fried peas (they are the best), toasted get the idea.

If you do order...let them know I sent ya cause I think I get a 10% discount....and no that's not why I posted this. I really just wanted to let you all in on this really terrific place! So go....shoo...go buy some nuts and candy and teas and herbs and........just go.


Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Thanks for sharing your fountain of happiness with us! I look forward to ordering sooooon.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Ooh, sounds awesome! I'll have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

I love instant gratification online ordering!

Dana said...

Wowzers! I'm gonna check them out!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Thanks for entering the contest!

White Toast with Butter said...

I've ordered from nutsonline several times - they are fast - shipping is reasonable - and they are really, really customer service oriented.