Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy St. indeed

It's still snowing in Rhode Island. I can't believe it myself. Just flurries now. We have about a foot of snow on the ground and more expected for tomorrow. John must have used the snow blower about 5 times since last night.

Living in New England you just get used to snow as part of life here in the winter. That's not to say many folks don't complain about it. There are still people who make a mad dash for bread and milk when they here a storms coming. We usually hit the liquor store. I mean I can make bread and I always have at least 2 gallons of milk on hand. Bread and milk?? I never got that. What are they going to do, make French Toast?

Being the hearty New Englanders that we are, we headed out to the store today. I needed to pick up just a few last minute items on my list. The ride was quite beautiful. The snow insulates all the sounds so everything sounds muffled and quiet. We had Bing & Nat on the radio serenading us while the snow was slowly falling. It really was a lovely, slow ride.

People were bundled up in their boots, warm hats and scarfs. Everyone also seemed to be in a great mood.

I'm off to bake, but I thought I'd share a few photos. I'm hoping to go dot com in 2009 so I can post bigger photos. Sometimes blogger just doesn't do them justice.

I love the look the the snow on the trees and the deep winter sky. I know lots of people who hate the snow. "Then move." That's the answer they always get from me.

I love it.

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Melissa said...

Blogger size definitely doesn't do the outdoors justice.

I love the snow. I miss it. I used to love that sound thing - the muffled, the quiet.

I'm glad you're treasuring it. It's lovely to see.