Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tree Hunt

I'm somewhat late posting this. We tagged our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving and I just now got around to downloading and posting.

You can see John P doubled over laughing in this photo.Why is he laughing? Cause after 5 minutes of everyone fidgeting I screamed:

"Dammit people, stay still, I'm trying to create a precious memory here!!!".

A rare sighting....a Pats fan and a Steelers fan standing side by side.

Tati and her Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

We were late this year. Really late. We usually tag a tree around Halloween time, but this year we kinda forgot about it. We had Mom & Dad visiting and lots that we were doing in house and we forgot to tag our tree. So off we went with John, Tati & Sara (and doggy Sasha) up to the local tree farm just a few minutes away to tag a tree in the freezer cold! I'm talking frigid weather. Another reason that we usually tag in October.

After a long search we found the perfect tree for us. Almost 9 feet tall and very just waiting to be decorated.


Bunny said...

Very nice precious moment...more than I would have gotten from my crew!!LOL!! Oh yes my hubby being a Steelers fan...I know what your talkin about!! LOL!! He was in his GLORY this weekend!!

Suzanne said...

Hunting for a tree is such fun. You must always keep in mind that the tree only LOOKS smaller out in the field. My neighbors have gotten some big surprises when they got their tree home. One year the circumference filled the entire room!

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Shelley said...

I'm laughing just thinking about you yelling. It is so typical of my family to make me angry when I'm trying really hard to do something special and make memories. What's up with that?

Did you by any chance post about a death by chocolate that was cooked in the microwave in a coffee cup?


Lisa magicsprinkles said...

Yes, most of my children's precious childhood memories will be filled with the screaming banshee.

Kay said...

That first picture made better memories than it would've if everyone would've been holding still. LOL

Haven't been on here for awhile... your bread looks so perfect. Someday, I hope to master the art of breadmaking...sigh! And 7-up cake? Huh?! Never heard of it, but I've gotta try it. :)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of tree tagging, what rock have i been under? Love the Charlie Brown tree.

Doreen Frost said...

Love all your pictures. We love going and hunting for the perfect tree. We have to wait a bit as we heat with a wood stove and if we get the tree too early ..well....all the needles will fall off...:) and we certainly do not want that.

Happy Holidays