Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday nights.

I love Monday night’s cause two of my favorite shows are on. Little People, Big World and Jon & Kate Plus 8. John says I like to watch Little People Big World cause it makes me feel tall. Very funny. I just want to live on that farm and clean that poor woman’s house up for her. She’s got this beautiful home and it always looks like it’s just been burglarized. Plus I could probably reach stuff a lot better in that house.

Jon & Kate are John and I, with 8 kids. For those of you who have never seen the show, let me explain. Jon & Kate had twins girls, decided they wanted another baby, took fertility drug and wound up with six more babies. So at the moment they have two 7 year olds and six 3 year olds. It’s chaos constantly, a little like our house. I think I love to watch the show cause I see what she goes through in a day with 8 kids and I’m grateful that I only have 3 males, a dog and a cat to contend with, oh and the neighborhood kids.

We watch that show and 10 times during the hour we look at each other and say “that is so you”. It happens all the time. Jon from the show is so much like my John, in his demeanor, his attitude, he even breathes loud like my John (just overlook the Korean thing). I admit I am a lot like Kate. She is a neat freak, she is obsessed with her children, and she is constantly in a state of panic and hecticness. (Is that a word? If it isn’t, it should be). I don’t think I am as bitchy as Kate, but John might disagree. I look at her and think, if I had 8 kids under the age of seven I would be bitchy sometimes too....cause, well, she has to be. After all, it’s the Mom’s that usually hold it all together isn’t it? In one episode she yells for one of the kids to put Aquaphor on their lips. My kids looked at me and said, “Oh my God Mom, she is you – Aquaphor!” So I like Aquaphor, geesh. I think Kate should be commended for choosing such a pristine product.

I just went through illness with two kids, I can’t imagine having one kid get sick and then watching the seven others come down with the same thing. This particular episode last night they all had the flu and she was washing pukey blankets 10 times a day. No thank you very much.

Last night as we lay in bed watching the show, we had a little Jon & Kate moment of our own.

John: “I think I’m becoming nerdier”.

Me: “Becoming?”

John: “Yeah I can feel it”.

Me: * laughs *

John “ I used to be cool you know”

Me “ Really? Sorry I missed that” *laughing again*

John: “Ummm, I wouldn’t laugh, you anal dork”.

Me: “Anal dork? Anal dork!

30 seconds later.....

Me: "Well I guess I am a bit anal about things and I am a bit of a dork”.

Definition: DORK: The term occasionally implies stupidity, though perhaps less often than it once did, and it can paradoxically imply an unadmirable (bookish, academic) intelligence, much like the terms "nerd" and "geek."

A match made in heaven.

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