Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring is in the air.....kind of.

See the little love nut in the nest up there? I incorporate it some where in all my seasonal decorations.

I awoke this morning to the sound of birds chirping. It's been so long since I've heard that sound. It made me smile before I even opened my eyes.

Spring is my second favorite season. Fall is the ultimate for me. I can barely wait for summer to end every year. Spring means it's time to look through all my gardening catalogs and pick out seeds and plants. It means the t-shirts that I pass by daily in the closet get worn and the shorts get moved from the back of the drawers to the front again. I get to visit my favorite nurseries and choose the flowers, herbs and vegetables that will feed us through the summer and hopefully into the Fall. I was also born on the 1st day of Spring although my birthday doesn't fall on the official 1st day of Spring every year, it's neat when it does.

It's a rainy day today. This afternoon we are supposed to get some really heavy rains, torrential downpours the weather man says. Yesterday was beautiful. Almost 50 and sunny. Everyone at work had a touch of Spring fever. When I heard those birds chirping I decided it was time to take down my Spring/Easter decorations. Gone is the winter greenery, out comes bunnies, and chicken and eggs. Oh yes. I spent a few hours arranging and re-arranging decorations this morning. I'm sure I will change them a few more times before the day is over.

My favorite Easter decoration is this little chick with the bunny ears. How freakin' cute is that? I just love it.

And this one pecking! Adorable! I got these two chicks last weekend when Eva, Tati and I went up to my favorite store, Things Made Wonderful. I got them home, unwrapped them from the bag and giddily set them on the window sill. I went into the living room, and returned to find them in some soft core chicken porn positions. John and Tati spent the next 15 minutes putting my adorable chicks into some very compromising positions. Perverts. It did make us all laugh like teenagers though.

Most of my stuff is very primitive/country. I made the primitive eggs a few years back cause all I could find in the store were shiny and bright ones which I really don't like. I like things grungy and grubby and rusty.

So every thing's not so primitive. I still like cute, and this is damn cute. There have been arguments as to whether it's a duck or a chick. I like to think of him (yes I choose the gender too) as a chick, so he is a chick filled with worms.....get it??? Chick - worms......oh never mind.

How funny is that duck? There was no argument about him, it's a duck in a bunny hat. He greets everyone in the breezeway and believe me people "ahhh" when they see him.....even the men......well maybe not the men but the women, they ahhh.

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PF said...

While it's difficult to determine whether those feet are webbed or not, the beak is pointed rather than rounded. It's a chick. :)