Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Things that make me happy #10

I love chocolate. I am a chocoholic in the worst sense of the word. I would bypass almost any food on earth for luscious, delectable, scrumptious chocolate. If I walk up to a dessert table I immediately focus in on anything chocolately. Vanilla is good, strawberry......good too, but chocolate, sweet, sweet chocolate is my downfall. Don't even get me started on chocolate mocha. Anything mocha sends me over the moon. This winter I have been hooked on Land O'Lakes Cocoa Classic hot cocoa's. The hazelnuts good, the French vanilla too, but the chocolate mocha.....oh lordy, it's just too good for words.

I was at Sam's Club a few weeks ago, stocking up on my baking supplies and as I turn to leave the aisle, I see this:

2.5 pounds of Ghirardelli Candy Making & Dipping Bar. Double Chocolate. Be still my heart. Now here's the part I really love. It was $3.28. Can you believe that? $3.28 for 2 and a half pounds of Ghirardelli chocolate. My initial reaction was to grab 5 or 6 of them, but I made it out with only 3. Inside the box are these huge bars of chocolate. Almost a foot long (Jesse measured).

Every Easter I make chocolate covered strawberries, so this is going to come in really handy. I also have been eyeing some biscotti recipes and this would be perfect to use for half dipped biscotti. The possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

$3.28 ?!!!! Are you serious? That's too good to be true because the small chocolate bars are over $1 each! We don't have a Sams Club membership! :(
But we do have a Cosco card, we'll have to check them out.
Will you show us your chocolate strawberries for Easter? :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I'm serious $3.28. Of course I'll be taking a pic of my berries! (that sounded kinda naughty, lol).